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    Introducing The Sunspot Extreme Rage. Brighter across the board, this light provides a much brighter walk light, colors, and main beam then all of its predecessors. With new advancements in LED technology, this light boasts walk lights and colors that are twice the brightness of its previous versions. The main beam is also up 40% when compared to its previous versions. It comes equipped with a low and a high setting on all clicks of the light except the amber. Even though this light is brighter it is still comparable to its previous versions in other aspects. Its still 21 ounces on the bump cap like the original rage, Its still perfectly balanced like the original rage, and its still boasts the same solid burn times as the original rage. Like all the Sunspot lights, the Extreme Rage boasts the amazing Life-Time Warranty that is the best in the industry! Comes on a black bump cap, a red bump cap, or a soft cap.