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PO Boy Coon Squall
Price: $15.00
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This is the PO Boy Coon Squaller. This squaller is set up as a 2 piece plastic squall with double reeds. This particular design provides the hunter with a competitive and easy to maintain call that doesn't break the bank.

Sunspot Squaller
Price: $40.00
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Sunspot Hunting Lights

This is the Sunspot Acrylic Coon Squall. This machined acrylic squaller is a well-built, beautiful squaller with a sharp Sunspot Logo laser engraved into the material. This well put together squaller comes in a 3 reed set up providing it with a rich beautiful sound! Comes avaliale in orange with black engraved logo

Timothy Ball Coon Squaller
Price: $20.00
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Zepps Lifetime Coon Squaller
Price: $25.00
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Zepps Payoff Squaller
Price: $50.00
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The Payoff is a 100% swirl acrylic, which makes it very expensive to make and gives each call its own unique look. No two of them will look exactly alike. The Payoff is Made in the USA and comes with a lanyard! The fit, finish and attention to detail is not like anything else ever produced in our sport. Each call is precision milled on a CNC machine and then hand buffed one at a time to bring out the color and luster. Each Payoff has FOUR laser engravings! Two coon engravings, the Zepp's logo,...