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Valley Creek Bags
Price: $25.00
Availability: In Stock

Women's Camouflage  Purse/Accessory Bags! These new sleek hand bags are affordable and useful. With both interior and exterior pockets these bags will have plenty of room for all your accessories!  With the combination of the dark camos, and the bright colors provides a sleek color contrast that flows well together.

Valley Creek Small Game Vest
Price: $65.00
Availability: In Stock

This is the new small game vest from Valley Creek! This vest features a Garmin pouch, smaller pockets for shells and other items, and a built-in, waterproof game bag! Comes In a Brown/Orange set-up, and a Brown/Camo set-up

Valley Creek Front Loading Game Vest
Price: $69.00
Availability: In Stock

Introducing the Valley Creek Front-loading game bag! This vest features 4 front pockets to store shells and any extra items needed. It also features a front-loading, waterproof game bag!**Anything above a XXL is considered a special order and is $5 Dollars higher and about a 2 week wait time**

Valley Creek Lightweight Jacket
Price: $60.00
Availability: In Stock

The Valley Creek Lightweight Jacket is our nylon jacket. This jacket comes equipped in either a brown or camo nylon, and a lightweight fleece liner on the inside. Both jackets are very water resistant, and briar proof. Great jacket for cold weather and equipped to tackle many terrains!

Valley Creek Carrying Bags
Price: $10.00
Availability: In Stock

This is the miscellaneous carrying bags made by Valley Creek. Designed to be a perfect multi-purpose carrying bag for any situation. Perfect to keep your light safe as you travel, or to keep up with all of your Garmin collars and related accesories

Valley Creek Rain Jacket
Price: $50.00
Availability: In Stock

This is the Valley Creek Rain Jacket. Equipped with a waterproof liner on the upperbody, this jacket will keep you dry on those wet days whether your working or hunting!

Valley Creek Briarproof Hoodie
Price: $60.00
Availability: In Stock

The New Valley Creek briarproof hoodie. Designed with briarproof nylon on the sleeves, this hoodie combines the comfort of a hoodie with the protection of a briarproof jacket.